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News at the Hollow

Read all about it! News at the Hollow will keep you “in the know” about what’s going on in the vineyards, our new releases, our varietals and current accolades, Club Toad news, a splash of humor, recipes and our on-going social media events.

Spring 2019 Newsletter

Have you ever wondered what goes into growing wine grapes? We often think about how grapes become wine but there is a lot of planning and work happening in the vineyards to make sure the plants provide a good head start for those tasty clusters. Left wild, untrained grapevines will climb into tree tops or ramble on paths of their own design that will not necessarily yield fruit. But the wandering grapevine is always searching for sunlight. Good vineyard management keeps this vigorous growth in check and creates a proper balance of leaves and fruit clusters - keeping just enough leaf cover to prevent sunburn and promote photosynthesis while allowing just enough sun exposure on the fruit for perfect ripening. ...
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