Tasting Room Staff

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Tasha Hoang


Enthusiastic, Fun & Friendly Hospitality

Tasha is in charge of our downtown Healdsburg Tasting Room and sets the tone for a Toadally fun and fresh approach to our style of hospitality. Tasha came to Toad Hollow on a whim. She found an open position and she just couldn't pass it by! Tasha brings energy and enthusiasm to our Tasting Room while keeping everyone and everything well organized. She absolutely loves it here and loves her Risqué and Amplexus. Following her passion for wine, Tasha studied wine at Sonoma State University. Tasha also participates in the Downtown Healdsburg Winery Association, helping to plan, promote and coordinate events using social media as well as her bubbly and engaging personality.


Bill Zuur


Bill "the Bowler" Zuur

Bill Zuur was one of the first employees of the Tasting Room when it opened in September2003. His Tasting Room career started after his wife Nancy had a brief discussion with her friend Julie Maas, the assistant CFO at Toad Hollow. The conversation went something like “Do you guys have anything that my husband can do?  I need him to get out of the house” the rest, as they say, is HISTORY. When not working at Toad Hollow, Bill enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren. He is a self employed licensed Private Fiduciary and also enjoys golf, handyman work, travel and good books.


Peter Thorson


Shares his love and knowledge of food and wine with Sonoma County