The Artist

Maureen "Mo" Erickson

The artist behind our fun and whimsical labels.

Mo's history with Toad Hollow owners Frankie and Todd Williams began in the mountain town of Arnold, Ca, at the Whiskey River Inn, where they hung her original paintings on the walls, and kindly kept her on as a not-so-great server. There she also debuted as a back-up singer to “Frankie and the Pointless Sisters”, marking a speedy beginning and end to both careers.

Later, relying on skills acquired from studio work at UC Berkeley and several years of gallery experience, Ms. Erickson began her illustration and design firm in San Francisco.  In ‘99, she joined the Toad Hollow crew (lucky us!)

Inspired by Frankie and the lively Toad Hollow cast of characters, Maureen continues to publish an ongoing series of posters, labels and original paintings, available for purchase at the Tasting Room or directly from her new website at


Maureen's Latest Work: