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Sonoma Strong We Are Safe

Oct. 17, 2018
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Sonoma County and Northern California Fires

Northern California’s wine country has long been an epicenter for getaways amid the beauty of vineyards, redwood trees, and quaint towns. Wine country allows guests to let go of tensions and responsibilities, and to luxuriate in first-class hospitality, fine inns, delicious food, and wines that transcend the term “wonderful.”

In recent days, our resplendent wine country has been struck with one of the worst disasters in California history, with wildfires causing tragic loss of lives, homes, and businesses. Thankfully, all of us at Toad Hollow are safe. Many among us have had to leave home until evacuation orders are lifted and we can determine whether or not our homes have suffered any damage. All of us have friends or family who have lost everything. And several of us have immediate family members who are first responders.

We are thankful that Toad Hollow sustained no damage to its property or structures. But our first priority is taking care of ourselves, our loved ones, and our neighbors.

As days pass, more resources are committed to stemming the tide of multiple wildfires, and our family and friends awaken to realize their personal tolls. Yet with the ash and smoke still lingering in the air, it has taken no time for our community to regroup and rally with the same unstoppable, selfless spirit that provides thousands of yearly visitors a time of pleasure. Together we are California Wine Strong #cawinestrong! Click on this link to find several ways to help efforts to rebuild:

You can also support us by returning to wine country soon to visit our tasting rooms, stay in our hotels, and shop in our local businesses.

Check Toad Hollow’s Facebook page and Twitter for updates. Before you plan a visit, call our tasting room at 707-431-8667 between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.

"What I spent, is gone; what I kept, I lost; but what I gave away will be mine forever."
Ethel Percy Andrus