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An Ode to Spring


May 2018 marks the fifth year that Toad Hollow has celebrated Rosé Days! It’s an ode to spring, an homage to everything fresh, and a tribute to trailblazing! We spend a whole month officially celebrating our Eye of the Toad Dry Rosé of Pinot Noir.

With its alluring cameo pink color and flavors of strawberry, white peach, and lime, our dry Rosé is refreshing enjoyed by itself and makes the mood cheerful when served at spring parties. It is luscious when paired with the lighter and healthier fare we begin to see in markets this time of year. Ripe avocados, grains, snap peas, lettuces, and delicately flavored fish match with its bright, bracing, and fruitful character.

But trailblazing? You might ask, how can a luscious beauty be trailblazing? You would never know by the proliferation of dry Rosé wines on the market today and all the critical fanfare surrounding them that when we released our first dry Rosé, it was met with a lot of skepticism. At the time, in 1995, the number of serious California bone-dry Rosés in the marketplace could be counted on maybe three fingers! At that time, dry Rosés were well recognized in France, where many regions had long produced them. But most blush wines made in the United States then were sweet and cloying. With persistence, our founder, Todd Williams, took bottles of his new Eye of the Toad Dry Rosé everywhere he traveled, insisting that customers give it a try. One pour at a time, and eventually our Rosé took off. It is now one of our most popular wines.

To illustrate how much respect our Rosé now garners, our 2017 was recognized in Wine Spectator as one of the “10 California Rosés You’ve Been Waiting For.” For two years in a row, our Rosé has received a 90 score and a “Best Buy” designation in Wine Enthusiast magazine.

In the same spirit of recognition, until June 1, Toad Hollow’s Dry Rosé of Pinot Noir is the featured wine on point-of-sale displays in selected retail markets across the country, some offering coupons for $2 off any Toad Hollow wine!

Look for this special offer while shopping for the ingredients in our Hearty Farro Salad, a healthful and tasty match for our dry Rosé and the awesome spring days ahead!