Fine Art of Fun

What a delicious way to welcome the rites of spring!
The Mad Bacchanalians Love Rosé
It is the month of May and we are optimistic it will mean the beginning of sunnier days, clearer heads, and outdoor fun for all.   
Our Eye of the Toad Dry Rosé of Pinot Noir is May’s most suitable quencher. What a delicious way to welcome the rites of spring! For that reason we proclaim the month of May to be Rosé Days! In May, selected retailers across the United States will offer a rebate when you buy Toad Hollow’s Rosé and other Toad wines. If your favorite store doesn’t have Toad Hollow wines, ask for them.   
As one of the nation’s original producers of a dry Rosé, we couldn’t be prouder of how Rosé wines have been received. Our delightfully fresh and quaffable Rosé recently got the attention of Wine Enthusiast magazine. It named our 2016 Dry Rosé of Pinot Noir a BEST BUY and gave it a fantastic score of 90 just in time for its summer issue, out and online in May.
Robin Williams once said, “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’” Taking his cue, some crazy folks at the Hollow welcomed spring by holding a maypole dance with their May beverage of choice. The maypole dance originated as part of a Germanic pagan fertility ritual in medieval times. It was usually performed around a tree adorned with flowers and ribbons on May 1 (May Day).
William Bradford, governor of New Plymouth, wrote of the earliest use of the maypole in America in 1628. When a number of servants broke free to create their own colony, setting up a maypole in the center of the settlement, Bradford reacted with scorn and disapproval. He wrote:
“They also set up a May-pole, drinking and dancing about it many days together, inviting the Indian women, for their consorts, dancing and frisking together and worse practices. As if they had anew revived & celebrated the feasts of the Roman Goddess Flora, or the beastly practices of the mad Bacchanalians.”
Yep, that’d be the Toad Hollow staff—celebrating the practices of the mad Bacchanalians and grabbing a glassful of Rosé wine with every turn round their modern version of the maypole. Go ahead—grab a length of PVC pipe, an umbrella stand, and some ribbons and celebrate the coming of spring with our fresh and delicious Dry Rosé of Pinot Noir. The Toad is optional!