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Winter 2020 Newsletter

Silver Lining Stories from Positive Thinkers and “Thirst Responders” 

Greetings brave and resilient Toadies!

I’m starting this newsletter by sending you all good health and wishes for a safe and comfortable time while you wait out this ongoing health crisis. We’ve dedicated our newsletter to those things that might help while we all work and play at home. At the Hollow, a few of us have rediscovered some old-timey movies and some TV shows while we practice social distancing. We thought you might enjoy the following article that previously appeared on our website as a blog. It’s an ode to innovative thinking and the classics. To add a bit of cheer to your lives, we recommend some classics - a bottle of Toad wine, a good movie and some streaming!

Stay safe,
There is no doubt that 2020 threw down the gauntlet and issued a host of tribulations for all of us. Whether we were responding to the myriad of challenges presented by Covid 19, wildfires in wine country, or mind-numbing election year media bombardment, we’ve withstood a considerable test of nerves.

At the Hollow rather than wallow in the negativity, we try to find the positives in all of this as we arm wrestle with the urge to let it get us down. We follow the tenet of humorist C.W. Metcalf when he says, “Be willing to access joy in the face of adversity.”

Fundamentally encouraging and as evidenced by the uptick in sales, wine has saved the day for millions. Toad Hollow is happy to step up as your dependable Thirst Responder by offering a tasty line-up of wines you can afford to have whenever you need a glass. (See our suggestions for wine pairing in a pandemic below.) It is our firm belief, the people behind our wines have almost as much to do with the approachability of them as does winemaking. Proof of the influence of an upbeat perspective are stories from our Toad family of good-fortune, silver-linings, and surprises born of a difficult year:  
President/Owner, Frankie Williams concerned for her elderly mother’s safety during the wildfires would scoop her mom up and spend days at a time with her. Frankie explains that, “It has been wonderful to spend more time with my delightful, sweet 94-year-old mom.” Frankie says she’s also taking more time to reach out to friends and associates to check in on their welfare. Nothing more fun and soothing than a welfare check from Frankie!

GM/CFO and proud grandfather, Erik Thorson has welcomed much more time spent with his grandchildren. As he says, “Because they’re in my bubble and are neither in daycare or school, I get to spend some very special time with them.” No one does “Grandpa” better than Erik!

The ever positive Bob Guinn, fearless leader of our new sales team, Third Leaf Wines, weighed in with a different perspective on silver linings: “When we first took over the sales and marketing of Toad Hollow in early 2020, each one of the winery’s distributor executives I spoke to were very excited that we were managing the brand because they were so attached to Toad Hollow. I also had non-Toad Hollow distributors reach out to ask about our strategy in their respective markets.  The response was overwhelming and it has shown in our sales since the transition.”  Bob adds, “The fun spirit of Toad Hollow is needed more than ever during these times, and the energy and excitement of the brand has reinforced positivity among the Third Leaf team and our distributors.”

It is our heartfelt wish for our Toad Hollow fans that you keep your head into the wind, a glass in your hand and your mind and heart open to access joy.

Featured Recipe

recipe image

Silver Lining Teriyaki Pork

You can forget the escargot and frog’s legs! This tasty, healthy appetizer is sure to please even your foodiest guests. Prepare it ahead of time and heat before serving with your favorite dips. These “Dippers” pair perfectly with all of our wines, especially the award-winning Unoaked Chardonnay and Dry Rosé of Pinot Noir.

Wine Pairing in a Pandemic

Making Sourdough Bread:
Nothing helps pass the time it takes for yeast to rise, than a crisp and flavorful glass of our Dry Rosé of Pinot Noir.

Virtual Teaching:
After tough hours hopping between grade levels, pour a glass of our 2017 Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon and put your feet up. You’ll get an A in our class.

Binge watching Netflix: 
A glass of our 2019 Mendocino Unoaked Chardonnay calms the nerves while watching Ozark.

Yes, snacking is a pastime! Our 2017 Sonoma County Merlot is proven to have great chemistry with anything from Cheetos to chocolate chip cookies.

Learning a new language:
Watch how fluent your French becomes after sharing a bottle of our Risqué, …even if you’re taking Russian lessons.

For more wine information visit: http://www.toadhollow.com/our-wines/ or purchase at our online store: http://shop.toadhollow.com/shop/c-10-all-wines.aspx

Find Toad Hollow With the Wine Locator

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Let your fingers do the walking: go to our Wine Locator. After you enter your address or zip code, you’ll be directed to a store or restaurant near you that offers Toad Hollow wine. If the purveyor doesn’t currently carry your favorite varietal, don’t be shy; ask them to order it for you. We recently had a Toad Hollow fan who made a special request for Merlot from a large market chain near his home in Grants Pass, Oregon, and was happily rewarded with his favorite Toad Hollow wines. This Locator is also handy if you’re traveling and not familiar with your new temporary surroundings. If there isn’t a wine shop close to you, you can order from us directly on line.